ice (thulian) wrote in palepastels,

5. 7th Sense

14 icons
mostly taeyong sorry

My favorite in NCT so far is Johnny but SM still hasn't let him out of
the dungeon yet :| So enjoy mostly Taeyong icons
I'd make Without You icons too but I'm too lazy to get caps ~_~

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Your icons are always so pretty! I'm taking an icon, thank you! :)
aw thank you <3 enjoy!
wow omg these are all pretty ٩(♥ε♥ )۶
thank you :D
I'm using one. These are all wonderful! :)
thanks for letting me know and thank you ❤️
2, 5, 6, 8!, 12, 13, 14 are ♥♥♥
I must confess your icons fascinate me (*♡∀♡)
aw thank you so much :D
taking some; these are so pretty!! :)
wow they look nice~ i'll be using one, tyvm :))